Screen Design Ideas

The Installation in the media foyer is doing to be displayed on a abstract 2500×400 screen usually used for displaying info graphics within the area like announcement including lots of text. The small height is going to restrict the design but could make a creative challenge to incorporate the entire screen. The challenge lies in spreading elements across the width without making them seem separated and unconnected. As is representing sound of which has a left and right frequency some symmetry could be involved in the design.

As you can see from this initial sketch I have started to consider the screen size in the process of design as it will have a distinct effect on the layout of elements. trying to use an array of 2d shapes like triangles, lines, circles and squares will make the generation and manipulation of shapes easier within processing. Laying the elements out digitally gave the images far greater depth and a district feel of 2d graphic animation. Discussing this with peers they felt these random and generative forms could be considered similar to that of motion graphics used in events.

Events used motion graphics as backgrounds to create a feeling or emotion but mainly to represent the sound in a visual way for the audience. This is done through motion, colour and speed of their manipulation particular seen in dance music culture where sound is erratic and quickly changeable. This is called VJing the process of DJing video clips (motion graphics) together.

The videos above is a good representation of where motion graphics are being used to visualize the beat/frequency of the music. This is mainly being controlled by the VJ him/her self however, my intention is that the shape will react on there own accord base of a set of values and parameters. Creating a structure for this design is key so there is always a fall back and secondly there is some reasoning or meaning to each element not just randomly manipulated. Some principles of design need to be applied to the design or style a specific design movement ideas. With the current random shapes that of abstract design or Distil movement particularly Piet Mondrian & Theo van Doesburg comes to mind but, more research needs to undertaken to further the design and implementation of a style

(Piet Mondrian)

(Theo van Doesburg)

Update: Design Movement Gestalt

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