App Testing on Devices

Testing the application upon the desired device is essential to any product development not only apps. We have been tasked by the cathedral to create a specific application for their exhibition of which we have had many discussions about the limitation of small mobile devices. We highlighted the issue that a iPhone was to smaller device for the application they wanted us to achieve therefore, we suggested that a larger device eg iPad would be better suited to the specific needs of the app.

Using an iPad permanently place within the exhibition would be beneficial to both client and design team.

  • An iPad has a far greater screen size than most mobile phones meaning there is a lot more potential for larger presentation of images, text and information making it easier for audiences to see.
  • Secondly it allows more that one ¬†person to look at the device and any one time because there is less need to hold it close up meaning a group of people can interact together creating joint learning experiences.
  • Finally its useful as the devices and be easily secured within the exhibition, having a permanent place free to use by any visitors. This means there is no need for downloading application within the cathedral an issue already discussed as there is a limited WiFi service.

Coming towards the end of the building process it necessary to test the application on a device to see if there is any issues cause by this transition from simulator to¬†final device implementation. With the superior nature of the XCode simulator we can feel confident that there shouldn’t be any issues however, this is never a given as there may be issue with placement of elements or loading of files. One main issue we may encounter is load time of the large Magna Carta image that has been discussed previously may be an issue especially with the limitations of a mobile device and the amount of memory they have.

To do this XCode allows syncing and use the Developer account to put a test app onto a device. This saves a lot of time for developers as there is no loading to the app store or getting approval from apple themselves meaning quick alterations can be made if necessary, instead of re uploading to the app store and downloading updates

Magna Carta Test Application from Ashley Wilkie on Vimeo.

Above is the video of the application working on the iPad a specified by the client. This test worked as we hoped, no major issues and the load time wasn’t an issue either. A few thing we need to obviously finish with the application’s main functionality and some additional features to consider like the app icon and load screen that will be chased up with the design team.

Moving forward we hope to fix these issues in the coming days and test again when the app is in the final stages of completion.

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