Workshop 12/11/15

 PD Extended

Today with rob we learnt about PD or PD-Extended. PD is a data program, which allows the programmer to manipulate and distort data into different forms, outputs and purposes. This program is particularly useful for designing systems of interaction, sound creation and system communication.

In the workshop we were shows the basic tools and skills needed to create simple audio manipulation that can be interacted with using sliders and buttons. This allowed us to produce interesting digital sound that sounds very electronic.

I think this tool would be every useful for me if I was to include interaction within my project or had to produce some data driven music.

Local Message sending
PD-ExtendedPD-Extended 2
Simple Audio

PD-Extended 4

PD-Extended 3


Another feature of PD is being able to send osc messages between networks. This is a very useful feature for being able to manipulate all the connect in pd via a network. I think this could be particularly useful to me as a way of interaction with video content through PD which could be manipulated with network data.

PD-Extended 5

Workshop 26/11/15

In todays workshop we discussed projection mapping as a general technique and some of the possibilities with it. Kavi discussed many aspect of projection like VJing, techniques and video production. With this she progressed to show us some of her work and ways to start producing projection art.

Kavi –

Kavi discussed her work and career and experience in video mapping referring to her progression within the industry. One particular aspect that interested me was in relation to her experience with VJing and exploration with rapid content creation. Within my own practise this is something that I have seen before however never had the time to understand and consider the useful possibilities of this and how smaller clips can be manipulated to create an abundance of content.


Resolume is a VJing tool use to create custom reactive content. Kavi spent some time today walking me through all the tools and features that would give me the skills to start working with Resolume. I think this tool could be great for making very abstract content or music displays controlled using midi tools.



Resolume Output


VPT is a mapping tool similar to MadMapper however is opensorce and free to the community. This is a very useful alternative to other mapping programs, which can be used to put content onto the surfaces on 3 dimensional objects.

VPT VPT Tutorial



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