UK Young Artist 2016

UK Young Artists champions the next generation of creativity, supporting collaboration and intercultural dialogue, ensuring a vibrant and diverse creative future for the UK. They develop artists’ practice through cross art form opportunities and celebrate creativity at national & international festivals.

UKYA 2016, was a great opportunity to not only display my own work (Immersive Obsolescence) but connect, collaborate & network. Using this great experience as a chance to immerse myself in a stimulating artistic experience, which has benefited my artistic engagement greatly. Spending a few days with a fantastic group of young artists from around the UK brought about many new ideas breaching out of different disciplines and forms of design, which I can use regarding my MA.

The range of artwork at the event was extremely broad and engaging, including different artistic styles meaning the possibilities for inter/cross style collaboration and cross style inspiration. The inspiration, which I took from this experience, was that experimenting with unseen styles, ideas, materials, experiences, pushes our practice on forward to places that engage audiences far more as these provided the fresh and unexplored areas of the art realm.

Interactivity was an interesting topic of conversation, which arose from the weekend’s discussions about the collection of digital art. With a collection of art interactive in various forms, I feel that using interactivity within my own work will now be looked on slightly differently in the sense of the simplicity of the interaction. The interaction is key to the success on many artworks, however, getting audiences to follow through with theses interactions as designed by the artist is the main difficulty of this kind of work.

Ant Hamlyn, a contemporary artist optimizes this with his Boost Project. A giant inflatable balloon which responded to social media interaction. If the interaction drops then the balloon consequently deflates, indicating loss of popularity. In discussion with Ant we debated the surrounding audiences desire to see the instant interaction with the piece only lasts a short time driving them to repeat the interaction. The simplicity of the interaction using ubiquitous platforms, such a social media, that is widely available, drives the core success of the project not only the contextual meaning.

UKYA Provided me with time and community to develop, engage and interact with a wide range of artist unobtainable from any university or educational sourse. Ultimately an amazing experience!

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