The Final Push

We are heading into our final week of the Magna Carta Application development for Salisbury Cathedral. This week, we have a lot of finishing up business to compete with the application and blog from all members of the group.

Trello has been used throughout this project to specifically to control the groups workflow however, coming into the final stages it’s now more specific tasks that need to delegated to members of the team. An openly available document on a team Google Drive folder or the Group connected social media group has become essential for quickly communicating tasks to members when away from group meeting.

Currently list heading into final week:


  • Fix the fatal error getting the filters to work
  • Get the final colours sorted out
  • Put the app icon in
  • Make and put in the splash screen
  • Add category for hidden details.
    • Get Kayley to make icon
  • Put the right details and get new shapes for the hidden details.
    • Put the Hidden Details icon in
  • Maybe show which category is selected somewhere
  • proofread the clauses – names, categories etc.


  • How the programming meets the learning objectives
  • Make videos of the app working to blog about
  • The animations (Spring, fade, etc)
  • App icon and splash screen
  • Debates about swift (why we used it)
  • Hidden details category
  • make a video of a user interacting with the app


  • Gather all the project files
  • Make the file tree in a single directory
  • Make readme files for the directory
  • set up wordpress on Dakar
  • copy wordpress content to new blog
  • create index.html page as a directory for our project


  • Draw up final designs – blog about them
  • Make a nicely annotated final design with as many details as possible
  • Blog about meeting the learning objectives with the design process
  • Make the icon for the hidden details
  • Edit the money icon (possibly others)

We are aiming to get all these tasked finished with a few days to spare giving everyone time to assess each other’s work before the hand it to the client. This will mean we can ensure the app and blog work is to the high standards expected throughout the project.

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