Testing Development

A quick re test of the screen yet again threw some possible issues and problems to resolve. As discussed in the previous post the decision to combine the visualizer and ambient audio sketch was taken. This combination was tested on the screen to see what the results were like in the environment.

As you can see from the video there was quite allot of erratic behaviour of some elements. This was due to the some of the sensitivity of microphone but also the background music being played by Costa coffee. A possible fix for this could be by adding a variable to take away some sensitivity, which could be adjusted for different locations.

 int ambience = 40;

By simply adding a variable then…

 ellipse(width/2, height/2, average * ambience, average * ambience);

This small implementation of a variable to all elements could allow and install team to adjust the sound level to that of different environments or places to cancel out unwanted noise. This would mean that it could be calibrated for different install locations if it was to be placed in other location. Even though the piece was designed to get all the noise of which most of the element do some require so dampening down as they will start to behave erratically if not

Update: Final Instaltion Sketch

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