Test, Test, Test!

Coming into the final 2 weeks of development and preparation for the submission on June 2nd, the final ideas are coming together at last after a long period of development. I believe the ideas which have been developed have are really conceptually sturong but visually powerful meaning they will interest and provoke a reaction from audiences. Testing, trailing and re-testing is the best way to put the idea forward into its final form.

I have been testing different graphics and animations upon the jar & mask part of the installation to see if some simple animations could add an interesting visual element. First I have just tested the projections upon the jar alone in the videos below.


During previous testing it was found that the best solution to project within the jar was to use acetate to achieve an image which was clear enough to be visible to the audience. By testing different materials, thicknesses and density’s this was distinguished. It is possible to use the outside of the jar as shown above to project onto however, the image quality is reduced and depends on the brightness of the content. I tested the acetate with the new content images to see the effect it had.


Comparing the two against each other gave me the opportunity the see the difference which was made by the acetate. The difference is not so clear from the videos as the camera struggles to receive the light correctly from the projector however, the difference was clear to see from a visual perspective.

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