SUCCESS Project in Association with The Higher Education Academy

The Project

In association with The Higher Education Academy a student team, lead by a university lecturer was tasked to create a series of videos to promote Co-Curricular engagement to aid career development. The intention of the videos are to inform students and university staff of the importance of participating in co-curricular activities that allow students to build up transferable skills for progressing into the workplace.

My individual focus was the projects graphics and animation specifically to work on a series of LinkedIn videos. These videos were designed to inform and advise students of the benefits of LinkedIn as a specific tool for career development, planning and communicating with alumni. Recreating key elements of LinkedIn the videos guides helped students start and build a successful profile that they could then develop further as their careers progressed.

The project required a range of skills from designing and illustrating graphical elements then animating and editing imagery to make it move. This was done through manipulating and creating elements in Photoshop and Illustrator then animating these within After Effects creating 7 minutes of video content.

Style Guide

Based on the The Higher Education Academy’s website some informed choices were made about the style guide for the project to keep inline with their design style. This style guide was then made to keep all visual elements inline across the projects graphics and visual elements.


The Logo

The logo design was a difficult task there was several elements that had to be included


The Intro Video

Video Interview Overlays

LinkedIn Video 1 – What Can LinkedIn Do For Me?

LinkedIn Video 2 – Do’s & Dont’s of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Video 3 – Setting Up Your Profile

LinkedIn Video 4 – Connecting

LinkedIn Video 5 – Joining Groups

LinkedIn Video Outro

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