Stating the Final Idea

In recent weeks we have had lots of discussion with our client on an effective solution to their proposed application project. We have partook in several negotiations ( Presentation 1 & Presentation 2 ) with the client discussing ideas, designs, audiences and concepts. There have give us feedback on several occasions (Feedback) of which we responded to in quick and effective manner. From this we set out expectations of the product/app in our MoSCoW to identify key features connected to our concepts and ideas

Our final idea is as follows

We will be creating an iPad application using an image of Magna carta as a navigation interface, this app allows the user to zoom into and explore the intricate details of the document. The document will have overlays on each clause with a tappable hotspot to let the user see more detail about the selected clause. The clauses will be filterable by category to allow the user to see the specific clauses which interest them.

We have decided as a group to progress with this application because we feel that it meets the clients requirements for the project and is slightly different to what other groups proposed as it’s more to fit a specific need/purposeful for the cathedral. Also,  taking on a less optimistic application means it can be developed and refined to a high professional standard.

Meeting the brief 

For 2015 BU’s RedBallon Agency has been commissioned to create a app for SalisburY. Cathedrals Magna Carta exhibition in 2015. The app has been conceived/proposed as a series of exploratory interactive and educational works that can be accessed while walking round Salisbury Cathedral

As discussed with the cathedral our application will be fulfilling the outlined  of providing an interactive document for tourists to use and explore the clauses within the document and take a better look at the document digital through the use of a super high res image that will allow extensive zoom capabilities. The app plans to provide an informative and interactive to take a look into a rigid document that is difficult for the majority of audience members to understand its importance but, particularly what it says and what this means.

How we have or/plan to meet learning Objectives 

  1. An ability to control and creatively exploit the associated hardware and software; –  Build an application that is intuitive and adds an aspect to audiences experience that non digital or the cathedral cannot provide
  2. Originality, creativity and professionalism in the interpretation of a live brief, production conception, pitching, management and realisation of interactive media artefacts; – Within our presentations we have remained professional, throughout our presentation of ideas and dialogue with them in regards to ideas using their feedback to fore most develop our idea to there satisfaction.
  3. The ability to work effectively as an individual as well as part of a production team; – Remaining professional at all times we aim to work effectively to produce an professional application that for fills the needs of the client furthermore improving the experience for audiences at the cathedral.
  4. The ability to evaluate work undertaken in a reflective manner with reference to appropriate debates and conventions. – Working together as a team where we will self evaluate and group evaluate our progress, work skills and products to push forward the project.

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