Starting With Processing

Processing is a highly powerful coding application for the creation of digital rendered images using code. Processing has its own programing language similar to Java and is commonly used in the teaching of programing languages, which use a similar syntax to that of Java.

 Processing allows the designer to create visual images and animations using code and get immediate visual results. This has great advantages because precise or randomly generated images can be produced in a short amount of time. Producing randomly generated images has great advantages to some designers/artists because they can produce a range of different image every time the code is run giving the ability to select and condense there own style.

 Processing has a wealth of following and background information surrounding it. There is thousands of artist and developers using every day meaning there is lots of ways for people to get involved.

 Daniel Shifftman develops tutorials, examples, and libraries for Processing any is one of the most prolific users of the program having wrote several books on development of processing and beginners tutorials.

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