Start of Second Year

Here we are back again Bournemouth University second year. First year was definitely an experience in which I learnt a lot about myself in a media environment the sense “Media” is not a newspaper, website or TV broadcast which we perceive and are told it to be but, the form of communication between communities and social groups. The form in which we receive the information is the ‘medium’.

This has influenced my own work in the way that now I have more consideration for not only the appearance and meaning of the work and now the way in which if the most affect way of communicating it and the effect this would upon the audience. 

Second year is going to be a massive learning curve in both practical and theory. Theory is a personal point of improvement and is where I feel a large part of my development and progression needs to happen. Developing practical skills are obviously key in my development as a digital designer however a development of my own personal style of work creating own style and direction will bring about great learning of a specific area of digital media.

This year our main area of focus will be Processing, Xcode and App design. These are programs and medias in which I have never explored before and am interested to learn more. Processing appeals to me personally because of its more relation to an art and design. 

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