Sourcing Information

For any digital project there is always a process of asset and information collection.

For the project we require specific information from the client in regards to historical information so that the app is accurate historically and contextually. This is the client’s area of expertise so they will be able to provide the content we need. As discussed in our application ideas and most recent MoSCoW, the application aims to let users to see the translation of Magna Carta into English and if possible to provide further contextualisation of the individual clause. This will be done using Magna Carta as a navigation interface, by tapping the location of the clause to see more detail. For this, we need:

  • High resolution image of Magna Carta (The client will provide this)
  • Access to some of the cathedral’s images for use in the application
  • Clause translations (This is a book the client has)
  • Location of each clauses on the document (we don’t know who would have this knowledge and something to be discussed with the client)
  1. Salisbury cathedral during the recent refurbishment of the document enclosure for the 800th anniversary, took a high resolution image which they can provided for us to use within the application.
  2. Its been suggested that images could be added later to provide further contextualisation and detail for the clauses in the app.
  3. Translating the information of Magna Carta from Latin to English and contextualization has been done for us by the British Library.
  4. Our client has a close connection with the cathedral and has been able to provide us with some images highlighting the start of each clause and some interesting factors of the visual appearance of the document. These have been the biggest hold up during the development as without this we couldn’t move forward with producing anymore prototypes for the client to see.

MC%2520with%2520clauses MC%2520with%2520clauses%2520and%2520annotations

With this information the client provided some additional note about that clause that we should consider in categorising them.

  • I think we should definitely highlight the 4 that are still part of the law at least.

  • (1,13,39 and 40) the preamble (in the king’s name etc) who the document applies to .

  • Some clauses are fun and perhaps the group could also highlight these (17, 23,28,30,31,33)

  • 35 – the standardisation of weights and measures is an interesting one

  • 7, about the inheritance of widows

These have been highlighted on the document below. Moving forward with this we need to start looking into categorisation and ways to frame the clauses. This can then be take forward into the design where we can find a creative way to display the different categories on the document with a stylish and sleek format thats easy for any audience to understand and interact with.


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