Second Client Presentation

A few days after presenting our initial ideas, we received some feedback from the tutors and clients on what they want to see so we can develop ideas accordingly.

The first point made was that a lot of the other agencies also had the quiz idea so it may be best to drop that part so we don’t make duplicate products. The other point was to give the facts a more specific aim. In regards to Idea 2, they really liked the high-resolution image of Magna Carta idea and thought the translation was would be great if we can also get other languages in there (to cater to the range of visitors ).

In response to this, we had another group meeting to mull over the feedback and come up with adaptations to our two ideas. Our group was asked to present two ideas again (opposed to narrowing it down) as the client was interested in the potential of both of them.

Once again we wrote up some short descriptions to define the app ideas in a paragraph (more detail about each idea below):

# Magna Facts:

Short facts and stories about the legacy of Magna Carta. Usually sentence long stories and facts which explore the local and global impacts of the document with a focus on current issues rather than historical contexts. Each story will be accompanied by a piece of related multimedia to support and further contextualise them visually.

Demographic: 12+

# Magna Translation:

Provide a clause-by-clause translation and commentary of Magna Carta. Providing the original Latin version, with translation into multiple language if available. The commentary will provide historical context of why the clause was included, the current impact of the clause (it’s legacy) and possibly what could’ve happened if the clause wasn’t included at all. This will be accompanied by images and video to help visually explain and alleviate the need for excessive text. There will also be a high resolution image of Magna Carta for the user to zoom into and explore the details of the writing and the parchment it was written on.

Demographic: 18+

We adapted the Magna Facts idea to narrow it down to short facts and stories focused on the current legacy of the Magna Carta. This would mean collecting stories and facts about the current global impact of the document and what it means and what it has done globally in recent years. The aim of this focus is to get people to think about how Magna Carta relates to them directly and what impact it has on their lives. Each fact will then be accompanied by a piece of supporting multimedia in order to help explain complicated ideas (ones that can’t really be explained in a sentence or two) or to just provide further context and make it more visually appealing. One of the good things about this idea is that it could appeal to a wide variety of people from children to adults as the facts can be interesting for everyone and not too complex to understand.
The Magna Translation idea didn’t change too much as the client was already quite interested. We made the zoomable image of Magna Carta a more definite feature as we think that this could be a fun and interesting part of the app; getting to explore the quirky details of the document which won’t be clear at first glance. The demographic for this idea would be slightly older than the other one as in order to get a certain level of detail in the commentary, it could make it difficult for younger users of the app to understand it (especially if there is a lot of text as it could look quite boring).
After thinking of these ideas, we realised that they lack a degree of complexity which will justly allow us to demonstrate our design and programming skills as they will only require very basic interactions. To counteract this we want to focus on making the design as elegant and beautiful as possible. This could be making dynamic backgrounds for the app such as dependant on time and such. We want to put focus on the small details which might not initially be noticed but add a special something to the experience to make it overall more enjoyable.

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