Implementing Scrum/Sprint Boards

Scrum and Sprint methodology as discussed in Project Management Approaches is a technique best used in group or collaboration projects which have a strict time scales or delivery date. These methodologies make it easier to meet deadlines, create effective prototypes and organize work flows. Scrum means that members of the team are equal all participate in aspects of production by all integrating together and not being managed or controlled to avoid task being missed or incomplete.( 2014)

Sprint boards help to implement scrum as they allow any member if they feel comfortable completing the task to undertake it.

Trello is an online digital sprint board service that we are using to coordinate group sprints and the project tasks. Being online is very useful as all members have access the board and can move and effect the board digitally.

In the same style as a conventional sprint board we have a series of heading and tasks that need to be completed. The headers are in the tasks completion stage: Not Started, To Do, In Progress, Testing and Finished. When the task is on the board it indicates its status and what stage of development its at. When a team member decides to undertake a task/s they add their label to that task (Coloured bar). They then proceed completing the task moving it down the board to the relevant sections as they go.

This is an effective way of proceeding with group projects as it gives all members to select the tasks to work with ……

Sprint Board


After working with the board for a few weeks we have managed to establish a system of progressing the project and getting tasks completed using the sprint board. The board has allowed us to delegate our tasks, complete work flow faster and to see what needs to progressed with now. For this project we have to produce a project and blog which all members of the team will be working on simultaneously and needs to be kept up to date. We could have ran 2 separate boards for each however both parts need to be worked on simultaneously so keeping it together has allowed us to assess if one is falling behind and act upon this.

The blog is something that needs to be kept upto date regularly and posted to by all members. When a post is made by a member, it also needs to be read by another member to authenticate and make sure all the information in correct. We are using the “Testing” heading where if a member has authenticated it they will also label it with there own label as well meaning the finished post should always have 2 labels to show 2 members have read them fully.Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 15.57.35

Moving forward with the board considering its current state. Its feel that there could be a slight backlog with some of the work. This could be due to initial getting the board up and running but we will try to push this forward.

Secondly there is an issue with some of the blog post that have been wrote but not moved to their status section as the author hasn’t moved them at the correct time. This is a management issue which needs to discussed with the team and how best to resolve the issue. A possible solution to this could be the project manager/scrum master coordinating the blog post by delegating them out to move them into a finished stage. This goes against the sprint methodology but might be needed to move forward., 2015. Trello. [online] Available from: [Accessed 1 Apr. 2015]., 2014. Yodiz Sprint Board -Agile development , Project management , Scrum methodology , bug tracker and Team collaboration – Yodiz. [online] Available from: [Accessed 1 Apr. 2015].

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