CURVE is an ongoing development project as part of Squidsoup, to which I have been designing, building content and device deployment. This extends a string of works undertaken by Squidsoup in furthering our development of spatialized  audio/visual installations.

As described by Squidsoup

CURVE is an audio-visual sculptural object, consisting of 120 orbs suspended in a walkthrough space. Each orb contains LEDs, a speaker, processor, wi-fi connectivity, accelerometer/movement sensor. Together they create a real-time immersive ecosystem of sound and light, a symphony of and for the Internet of Things. The result is an organic, emergent and immersive audio-visual experience.


The work can be controlled in real time and/or presented as a complete, pre-arranged composition that may or may not be different each time it is played.

#1: Emma Gillespie – on show at Black and Grey Atelier, San Diego
#2: Lee Gamble – premiere at Simple Things festival, Bristol (UK) 16-19 October 2019