Projection Mapping Exploration

Developing from my Narrating Structures Workshop I have been trying some of the techniques and skills learnt during the workshop into practise. The Blueprint techniques allows for different faces to contain different content placed upon them. Using 2 adjacent projectors the entire 3d structure of the box was covered with imagery. This posed many problems with covering all surfaces using only 2 projectors however, using strategic positioning it was possible to cover all surfaces of the object.

On reflection there is several problems with the results of this mapping, specifically the content and the quality of what could be projected. But only using 2d content it restricted the ability to bring the structure to life. I feel there are potentially other developments from this where 3D content could be produced introducing more complex and interesting animation capabilities. Going forward this is where exploration needs to be taken in developing a technique to introduce 3d content into a 360 Degree mapping.

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