Project Synthesising

In developing my MA Project considerable time has been spent conceptualizing and experimenting with different project ideas. As discusses in previous posts the project will require a series of development and further experimentation. The project development also expanded as more bits were added however a synthesized is now required to produce a clearer more defined idea.

The projects main goal is as follows to commenting upon the digitals implemented on contemporary philosophy:

“Show the digital layer of reality, “

“Peeling reality to reveal its underlying digital layer”


This is to be done in connection to James Bridles idea of The New Aesthetic:

The aesthetic of virtual things in the real world (Bridle 2013).

Things that can’t exist without the use of digital that leak into the physical. (Bridle 2012).


The production methods which relate to this and will be used as part of the project is projection

“Projection provides the ability to cast pixels out into the physical landscape”

“This projected light then carry’s meaning and content which can be understood within a different medium”

During this artefacts have been made to support the project proposal and development stage.  Projection content, which has been developed and explored, relates to digital interference, miss interpretation, nature, word art, and technology.

Interactivity & Raspberry Pi

To network and connect the series of projectors required for the project, a system will be needed to control their content dynamically from one place. A specially designed web system needs to be produced with features that will allow the artist to change content but also permit user interactions. This will be done through an openFramworks system of communication with a web server and iOS application. Using openFramworks permits the system to be expanded into other physical interactions also.

This system is currently in development to link each feature together. The diagram below describes how the system will work.

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