Projection Mapping Processing

Surface Mapper is a designed user interface to allow projection mapping within the Processing java output. Processing is normally used to output artistic manipulation produced through code however, in this case the interface has been designed using the Processing Java output to great an interface for projection mapping. The interface is similar to that of popular mapping tools (MadMapper) using similar elements and tools to manipulate surfaces/faces, input video and change content.

An Interesting features of the Processing mapping interface is that its based of java output not normally used for outputting applications. Processings main artistic feature use code to create graphics and imagery. Re Applying this feature within the mapping tool would be a great tool for projection artists that want to use a code bases system to produce there graphics for projection. Being able to code in different artistic elements within faces would be great for producing unique and engaging imagery for audiences. This could be a feature within the setup already however as of yet not been explored/identified.

Projection Mapping in Processing setup

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