Project in a Project, Bournemouth Light Festival

Project in a Project, Arts By The Sea (Bournemouth Light Festival)

As part of my MA Creative Media Arts we have been tasked to work on a year long practical research project to support out masters degree. My Project is to build a project to meet a proposal for a lighting festival. This project can be used as part of the proposal for Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival 2017.

The Project itself will be a creative projection, light, immersive, interactive exhibition that is designed to displace audiences across a larger area for more points of interaction and emersion.

The project works for me as I want to develop something, which I can take into a real commission, and is possible as a jump into the workplace after completing my MA. Bournemouth Light festival has so much potential being in a great location and with a reasonable budget for a small arts festival £3500 Budget! Also working in Bournemouth is a good point of contact within the area with lots of artist working here providing great opportunity for cross collaboration.

The contextual idea links to my own artistic presence within social and cultural study, where ideas related to digital ubiquity and social integration of technology through the digital are engaged with via digital narratives. In turn this links greatly with my interest in projection and augmented realities that I frequently use my forms of mediums and expression.

Last Years Open Call:


The Idea

Install a series of small-sized projection across a large area to engage audiences with the notation of the digital within the physical. Spreading audiences across a larger area allows for more point of personal contact and immersion with the artworks. Each individual piece can embody a different aspect of the virtual entering the real world. Using the Bournemouth Lower Gardens provides audiences the opportunity to explore this area and embrace the physicality of nature within the area through a digital transcended experience.


A small mini projector comes as an aesthetical and cost responsive option as being relatively cheap (£20-35) and extremely small they can be installed in interesting locations that normal larger projections cannot. Also being within a public area them being inexpensive reduces the risk of them being taken.

Contextual Understanding

The age of ubiquitous computing us upon us, with the digital integration becoming more of an aspect of existence sequentially, digital integration push’s humans into a new phase of existence. The new existence provides new ways of seeing, interacting, perceiving and encountering people, the planet we live upon and far beyond. The new aesthetic as discussed by James Bridle discusses the encounter of the digital in the physical. The digital in return to this starts to leak back further into the physical would we embody in terms of style, appearance, politics and politicisation of networked technology.

“The new aesthetic could be considered a style that’s come as a result of the digital”(Bridle 2016).

“Things that can’t exist without the use of digital that leak into the physical” (Bridle 2016).

“The aesthetic of virtual things in the real world” (Bridle 2013).

Why The New Aesthetic?

The digital provides us with a new way of seeing the world through a different perspective that in return it provides a wealth of issues, political debates and challenges which we have to engage with on our digital encounter. Machine Vision particularly interests my research as a perception links back to the we interact and embody the environment social, physical and culturally. This artwork will proceed to embody us within an experience through the uses of a digitally mixed reality but use this to engage with a wider cultural discussion of networks culture .


Style: Vapor Wave Vs New Aesthetic

It is characterized by a nostalgic or surrealist fascination with retro cultural aesthetics (most commonly that of the 1980s and 1990s)


This wilful anti-technicalism, which is a form of anti-intellectualism, mirrors the present cultural obsession with nostalgia, retro and vintage which was one of the spurs for the entire New Aesthetic project; it is boring, and we reject it (Bridle 2013).

Embodied Experience

If our bodies are machines for negotiating space, our minds are machines for navigating time, and digital photography and technology in general is aimed squarely at our idea of time and our place in it.


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