Programming: Swift Vs. Objective-C

SWIFT: The NEW language to create applications on iOS and OS X.

Previously developers used Objective-C to program the apps that we love and use. However, in 2014 Apple created their own language for developers to use to create applications for iOS and OS X. The code works side-by side with objective-C which allows the code to run fast. It is concise and is fun to code.

Whats the Difference between swift and Objective-C ?

Except for the syntax and a lot of new paradigms. Swift is very easy to get to grips with and there were a few things that made the code easier to write than Obective-C. Unlike Obective-C, Swift doesn’t need the use of brackets when defining parameters or semi colons to end the line of code. In addition the code isn’t pedantic and doesn’t return errors when spaces are missed out or the sentences are structured in a different order. This allows the programmer to focus on the app rather than the code.On the performance level, Swift is more impressive than Objective C. This is because Objective C does not allow a compiler to do a lot of optimisation due to its dynamic nature. With Swift, there is much more room for optimisation at compile time. Apple states that Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective C code. Overall, it results in much better performance. There is still a lot of debate on the web, but it’s mostly about tools and less about language – buggy issues and surprises due to the young age of Swift.

How is Objective C better than Swift?

First of all, Swift has all of the capabilities of communicating with Objective C code, as you can incorporate parts of objective-C within a swift project. However, libraries are not the most pleasant to work with. There are some challenges to constructing the Swift code, e.g. many nested blocks to unwrap the optional values. Overall, it ends up becoming a huge tree – some call it a pyramid of doom. There are ways to overcome this, but it is still not perfect. Talking about advantages of Objective C would likely lead to discussing Swift pain points, because there is not much Objective C has that is better than Swift.

We use swift because it is the future of coding. It has only been around for a year however it has already made massive advancements on Objective-C and once the buggy issues get sorted it will be far superior.

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