Playing with Processing

Starting with NO! knowledge of a programing language is difficult for anyone even if you have experience with other languages. Processing gives the advantage of a simplified form of Java allowing beginners an easy way into programing.

which I re-worked to create more complex images. The more complex images are far more visually interesting however, using this has allowed me to further understand how more advanced features work within the Java and what is possible.

Here are some of the more visually interesting images I managed to create and want to develop in the coming weeks.

This week I have been starting of learning Java using the program Processing. Through using online tutorials and some university workshops I have grasped the basic skills to understand and write a small amount of the code language. From this I have managed to create some simple and basic images as well as using example code.

artwork-0001 copy 3 artwork-0001 copy 7 artwork-0001 copy artwork-0001

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