Playing With Flash Animation

Adobe Flash is considered a dying form of animation because of its inability to work without Flash Player on the web which some devices don’t have there for rendering useless on these devices. However this does not mean that flash is not still a good place for someone who wants to start animating to begin. Flash provides a simple interface which allows users to create simple animations relatively quickly with good results. But Flash also has a great deal of other features which allows users to create extremely complex and interesting animations using these features.

Sound is an important part of any video and is said to more effective on the audience that the video itself because the great deal of depth and understanding it can provide. Most animators will animate the scene to the sound track because its easier to adjust the animation that the recorded soundtrack. Using loops and effects within animation is popular because of the characters are more often than not over dramatic so the they make the sounds also very over dramatised.

I like the animations that use sound to effect the animation directly and are normally a visual representation of the sounds. I have seen this before done in several works like” Sonar” Short film by Renaud Hallee. Official Selection Annecy 2010. I think that way they use the sound as the main element and the animation is just an addition or visualization of the sound.

I have taken this forward into my own work where I have made a simple sound track and animated some simple shapes to it. I think that it works really well because of the simplicity of the shapes and colours make you focus on the sounds more than the animation itself. To improve this further I am going to try a more complex sound track and possibly some other shapes to see the effect they have as well.


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