Passing of Data (Projection mapping)

As the project i’m working on hold a contextual meaning relating to the issues of data, environment and the transition of them regarding humans impact on nature. A method of passing data through a wireless network where data is transmitted through nature to one another is an interesting conceptual idea which can be introduced.

Having worked with Raspberry Pi before a new and innovative method of passing data through a WIFI network have been discovered. TCPSyphon is a development of the tool Syphon that is used with the Mac OS to pass data between programs. This has now been extended to networks and therefore WIFI network. Using this in the project would have many advantages as connections to the projector would be wireless meaning the computer could be stored far away from the installation and less cabling would need to be run.

I have run a small test to check the viability of this and its effectiveness compared to regular cabled projection softwares.

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