Narrating Structures Workshop


As part of my development and exploration into projection mapping I attended a workshop lead by Blanca Regina a video mapping artist. The workshop was designed to teach students about projection mapping techniques and the softwares to create these projects including MadMapper and Module8. Working with these softwares we learnt about the core principles of projection mapping using a variety of techniques and workarounds to produce advanced and complex visual displays.


This video below shows my first initial mapping using MadMapper a some short video. Using some simple mapping faces and animation techniques an interesting and abstract animation was created, designed to accentuate the structure itself bringing it to life.


The second day I spent working using a more complex mapping technique on a larger far complicated structure. The Astronaut Ape posed lots of complex challenges when mapping the structure as there was a variety small complex pieces which to map onto. Using photographs and illustrator a Blueprint of the structure was created. These vector shapes were then taken into After Effects to create the animations. These animations were finally taken into MadMapper where they were overlayed using projection onto the structure showing the animations in the real world.


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