My First Low Poly

Low Poly is a style of 3D computer graphics style that I have recently been exploring. I have been trying to create a simple landscape with some trees and a river. This required me to produce several different planes which linked together. I had to be done in this way so different levels could be produced and so layers didn’t look like they were linked and inspected each other.  Doing this taught me lots of new tools in blender which were simple but didn’t know were available. Being able to produce a realist starry sky is very useful and takes a few seconds, lighting styles for environment landscapes like a sun light with shades depending on the time of the day. Modeling became easier after learning some more hot keys which blender relies on made it easy to manipulate shapes effectively.

The image itself is interesting for several reason. I like that the ground is disjoined and randomised however this cause slight confusion in the image. The lighting in the image is interesting because it looked daylight however the is stars in the sky this is something that could be adjusted with a filter on the sun. To improve this further more content is needed to fill the image more with some more trees and foliage.


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