Minim and Processing

I have been thinking about the interactive installation project we have been given which, I’m having some trouble deciding on which media concept to base my idea around. I have to then portray this in processing with a sketch of some kind using interactivity as the key element. From our workshops at University we have looked so far at manipulating visual elements but were hoping to progress onto camera interaction to help us specifically with this project.

Thinking about my previous work with blender where I made a music visualizer this is a direction of personal interest and something I would like to develop more. I liked playing with the relation ship between the music and graphics finding the link between the can create interesting and fascinating outcomes. I felt it was a more free and versatile being able to giving an object parameters then letting the music do the rest. There is a library in Processing that can do a similar thing and a possible direction in which I could take my interactive project.

Minim is a audio library in processing. The library allows users to interact and integrate audio into sketches with then the ability to manipulate this using java. Its flexible features allows the users to manipulate aspects easily without having to do complicated arrays and analysis of audio files.

Minim is used in lots of examples of processing to import sound, manipulate waveforms and utilize audio frequencies to effect graphics. This is a interactive example of where this is done and allows the user to easily manipulate audio output done through a graphical interface.

Minim is highly discussed and there is lots of reference material to engage with to learn more about the library itself. There is lots of tutorials that explain how the API’s code works and what certain subsectors do. I have used this video as my starting point for introducing myself to Minim and to gain a better understanding of its features.

I have used this example above and the reference to explore a basic sketch setup of minim and some of its key terminology allowing me going forward to use it within my work. I have used code comments to describe what each line of code does and how it effects the sketch. The reference was particularly helpful as there is lots of terms in the example which are only touched on, particularly the importance of certain terms to link to the minim library and retrieve information from it.



Going forward I would like to use the minim library in my work possibly to introduce audio into my sketches to add more sensory features and engage the audiences further. The libraries FFT ability that analyse audio frequencies could give me the ability to create reactions to audio frequency’s or volumes.

Looking forward considering my media concept and what to portray, I think a concept that had both audio and its effect on the audience would be the best and most effective outcome. This would allow me to complete the task and produce an installation of which used minim as its core element. Some more exploration and consideration needs to be given to my own personal ability and a realistic outcome that can be produced seeing I have very limited knowledge of processing at the moment.

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