Mini Project Idea – Man of Many Masks

This is an outline of my first mini project idea. The mini project I want to look at anonymous as a development from my previous exploration into the digital aesthetic, digital platforms and politics regarding digital ubiquity. The project idea and content is detailed below:


  • Series of mask projection mapped onto a wall
  • Masks become illuminated with different known warlords, politicians, presidents, dictators and anonymous masks
  • Background plays short 30-second clip regarding the person from the anonymous video


  • Interesting topic when considering the world’s currently unsettled political systems with a rise in protest voting
  • Anonymous (The Hack Group) applies well because they have become better known because of the currently political distress to which they have played a role in evoking.
  • The element of identity is discussed in terms of the artist’s identity and the mixed identity associated with the key figures and their resulting ideology.


The Context of the idea relates to:

  • Ideology
  • Anti-establishment
  • Platforms
  • Discourse.

Sketched Idea


Mini Idea Test