Media Concept Re-evaluation/Final Idea

I have reached a point where some refection on the project is needed as a final decisive move needs to made in relation to the project. So far I have… made 2 iterations of design….

  • made a music visualizer that reflects the emotions with visual communications using colour signification.
  • Music is selected upon the time of day specifically or a selected variable of choice
  • There is the ability to have more variables inputted to effect, the outputted motion graphics and sound.

The project brief as follow “Create a piece of interactive information design for a shared public space, which is intended to elucidate/explain some an idea or concept you perceive as key to our 21st century media experience.”

Thus far in my work I haven’t “elucidate/explain some an idea or concept you perceive as key to our 21st century media experience “ This is because have been exploring the ideas and conceptal theroies of emotion through graphics and sound.

In previous iterations I considered the space in relation to a still information graphic of which required less iteration however it could still be of use in terms of flow of audiences. From this exploration and observation of the space where the installation will be some assumptions can be made….

  • It is a busy area that a lot of people pass through at different times. This means there is varying levels of audiences within the space.
  • The audience within the space mainly consists of students who are 18 – 24 year olds with the exception of lectures who range for 26 – 60 years. This is the target audience for the piece.
  • Amount of time spent in the space is very limited. It being a foyer means people tends to pass through to get to other places or use the food facilities. In all this means that people are not taking time within the space making the options for interaction very limited.
  • There is music being played within the space currently but from a radio station and low volumes to create an ambient background noise.
  • Presenting the visual imagery will be done of either a series of rectangular tv screens or a elongated digital display.
  • There is the ability to use input sources such as cameras and microphones.

The installation and concept needs to take into account the environment that its going to be installed in as there is limited ability to change this. Use of the screens provided and the size, arrangement and placement of them. Lastly the interaction needs to be simple and with quick results so that there is constant change in response to the interaction of participants.

Update: Installation Area

Media Concept/Representation

The environment that the installation has to be put in has very much dictated the media concept of which I want to represent. The busy and bustling environment at peak times makes it quite an uncomfortable place to be, in contrast to this when its quieter at points it can become quite a boring place as its a foyer and its use is very limited. Sound in the environment is affected by the busyness therefore dictating the ability to comunicate in the environment. This Ambient noise or Noise pollution in the area is high due to fluctuations audiences.

The concept I want to represent is Ambient noise or Environment noise. This could be done through visuals and audio response. In a media environment we experience noise every day through mediums particularly in 21st centaury social media. This notice has become a distraction from every day life Dr. Anthony Curtis describes noise as..

Noise: message incomprehensibility resulting from meaningless and unpredictable information that disturbs communication. Noise is something that interferes with a message reaching a receiver. There are three types of noise:

  • Channel noise interferes with the transmission of a message, e.g. radio static.
  • Environmental noise interferes with receiving a message, e.g. phone rings as you watch television.
  • Semantic noise interferes with deciphering the content of a message, e.g. sloppy wording.


The design Idea

My design solution is going to incorporate sound and visual representation of the ambient noise in the environment. The installation aims to represent the ambience of the environment the hustle and bustle at peak time however, create a soothing and relaxed place for audiences and more quite times. The interaction with the piece will be subliminal, as its audience will unknowingly be interacting with the piece by through presence in the room and the noise they create. The piece will consider the ambience of the environment and represent this back using graphics and sound.

Something similar to this that produces sound of effect and environment already exists called Noisli. This web application allows the user to interact with the interface to generate background noise and colours ideal for working and relaxing. Creating an environment to dictate certain emotions to enhance feelings such a relaxation, is being done through the use of sound and colour. This however is done through user selection the installation will do this due to the ambience in the room.

As previously explored this connection between sound, emotion and colour in iteration 2 there is tangible evidence to suggest that these elements do have a relationship to each other however, factors such as culture can have an effect upon them meaning of these connections. I want to explore this further within the design process of the installation. Going forward I need to look at in detail ambience, audiences, design for specific environments and visual representation.

Update: Ambience

Update: Audiences

Update: Installation area

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Merlo, S., 2015. Noisli – fantastic background noise and color generator ideal for working and relaxing.. [online] Available from: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2015].

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