Masters By Project: Storyboarding Content

Designing content for the installation has looked at the process, methods and similarities in digital computer viruses and biologocal virus. Using this idea the content for projection is being designed aiming to covey the processes of these digital agents in an abjstract but methodoligical form. The similarites and sandount features of common and significant digital virusus that will be encoprated into the instalation are as follows.

  • Polymorphic (Digital Virus) are similar to the biological virus Influenza because both viruses react and change if attached by anti-virus (immune system) the virus mutates and changes to avoid detection.
  • Bonnet (Digital Virus) are similar to the biological virus Malaria. Both share a common feature of containing a worm like structure which
  • Zuse Trojan (Digital Virus) resembles an HIV virus as it constantly infects, duplicates within each cell it infects.
  • ILOVEYOU virus has many elements attached to it which share various biological viruses. The ILoveYouviruss pirticularly harnesses the power of social media and dating web applications.
  • CryptoLocker (Digital Virus) is the most recent virus and is a ransom ware virus. This virus targeted the NHS and other large corporations locking down there systems demanding a ransom in exchange for the return of data.
  • Code Red (Digital Virus) is simalar to that the Ebola Virus as is part of the network worm viruses. Like the Ebola virus, it uses the host network and extended networks to further infect hosts rendering it non functional .

Throughot the development of the instalation an itterative process of designing content has been used. First an investeration into potentioal ideas that was then used to develop content based on these ideas. This was then refined further looking specifically at biological/cyber punk content and other artists work. Finaly using storyboads to generate a series of clips to portray the ideas to an audience in a way this wasnt descriptive but abstract and relatable which could convey the ideas in a powerful way.

Bellow are sketches which have been used in developing the stoyrboads for the instalation.