Masters By Project: Installation Setup

Assembling the installation for was relatively simple. Using the simulations of the installation as seen previously, I was able to pre determine where the balloons would fall and best look aesthetically placed within the space.  On arrival, I made this quick sketch to illustrate which order the balloons would be projected on they would roughly be spaced. The balloons were hung across nylon strings in the ceiling area, stringing them down trying to avoid having strings on a show as much as possible.

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Whilst setting up the installation some changes were made to the positions of balloons as seen in the photos above. Some of the balloons felt cramped and too symmetrical, I wanted to achieve a layered and distorted effect, with a more abstract feel to the composition of the balloons. Doing so gave each balloon its own space and utilised the range of motion within the motorized projection also. Below is the final sketch which I used to when programming the movements within the installation.

This photo is a composition of each virus projection on their allotted balloon as seen above.