Master By Project: Visual Artists

Dan Lam

Dan Lam is a sculpture based out of Texas, USA. Dan works on biological textural sculpture combining bright vibrant colours with beautifully textured surfaces. Dan’s work particularly interests me as it takes many references from biology and natural formations. Additionally, there are some similarities between the digital world of computer animation as seen below the image. This represents the normal formation of elements in 3d environments. For me Dans sculptures give structure and form to free flowing elements of nature, adding a more mathematical layer of understanding over the biological form. There is a connection between Dans biological sculptures and the digital.

Image result for normals 3d animation

Dan’s work below shows a range of experimentation with colours, shape structure and form within her chosen medium. The use of luminescent colours adds to the outstanding visual forms creating a natrual and abstract appearance. The texture and surface materiality evokes an uneasy and disturbing feeling.

Karen Margolis

Karen Margolis is a visual Artis working with sculpture, material and repertition.

Margolis describes her work as “The Enso, Japanese for circle, is my inspiration for imagery.  It is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism, embodying infinity and perfection. In a struggle between destruction and creation, my art making involves two distinctly opposing procedures:  burning holes in material as an act of elimination and then constructing discrete components into compositions.  Within these margins, I explore internal mechanisms as well as damage and mending through intimate expressions of how we are touched by circumstances of life.”

Margolis work interests me as the repetitive broken forms share similarities with biological cellular patterns. Her use of colour schemes with illuminative bright colours draws audiences visual attention to different shapes, surface and layers within the sculpture. I believe a similar layering of multiple surfaces and seeping areas of colours could be interesting within my own viral works, with digitally animated and textures that are multi-layered.


Throughout the process of finding new interesting artworks and artists in relation to the current project, many artworks catch my eye for different reasons. This influence each part of my works as it develops. This collection is a small sample of some images which have an interesting visual appearance from a looking into biological artworks.