Master by Project: Host Bodies

my initial inspiration throughout my investigation into virology and infection came from an interesting in ideas surrounding host bodies and digital viruses. During the project I have visited the idea of viruses and imagery alike many times, however, the host, body or object hold a lot of significates within the process of infection. In a previous post, I discussed the potential of the host object having a more central role within the installation. The idea of projecting onto a round like structure as the metaphorical generic form of host bodies was introduced. As a result of this, I have been working on projecting onto the surface of balloons.

A few possible issues when thinking about projection onto balloons could be, light reflection clarity of imagery and diffusion of light. First, a test was made using a regular white balloon for maximum visibility.

After the test using small balloons, it was decided that the material was not diffusing the light enough making the image unclear. Retrospectively, the surface also wasn’t large enough in the scale of the installation. In response to this, I up scaled to larger and thicker balloons, as seen below.

The balloons worked with a greater visual impact on the larger surface as the imagery appeared bigger and more invasive. 10-12 balloons within the projection area of the installation would work best base on the venue size. For continuity, adding a few smaller balloons as part of the installation could add interesting levels and surfaces for the projection to leak onto. Going forward working on more viral imagery and infectious behaviours imagery will develop the project further.