Master By Project: Final Renders

Above are the final graphics renders for my master by project installation Virologist. The natives have been developed using a process which involved research, exploration, storyboarding, testing and experimenting. Every component within each graphic has a purpose or a connecting element with digital/biological virus. Using 3D and 2D animation tools such as Cinema4d, Houdini and After Effects, each graphic is created, simulated, composited and rendered together to make the series of clips.

This part of the installation was most challenging as lots time was spent experimenting on how each element should look whilst also making them visually interesting for an audience to perceive and observe. The imagery which stands out to me the most is the ILOVEYOU Virus. These were inspired by research into the artists Dan Lam, I think they have a real visual kick to them and pop off the screen. At this point, I’m excited to test the final imagery out within the installation itself.