Low Poly Island

Low Poly Island is a mini project I have been working on in blender using and the low poly technic. From my first landscape and research I have been practising different styles of trees and and objects so that I could build a better and more detailed scene. Low poly style is sometimes difficult to produce an effective model for several reasons like too many/not enough polygons in the object which could make the shape to realistic or look simple. A correct balance is required to achieve an effective design.

The first image I used a limited colour palette which a few objects just to get a sense for the scene. The surface water was the biggest success out of all because it add the real aspect to the image. The water was a mixture of texture, material and direction of light to produce a very realistic and effective surface. It gave good shadows and reflectivity of other objects in the scene which made it also a visually interesting part.

The downfall of the first image was that it needed more content and details. This could have come in the form of more clouds, trees and other natural occurrences or some other interesting appearances. Also some of the trees have to many polygons in them which makes them round and need to reduce them for a effective result.



My improved image was developed and enhanced from the previous image.  In this image I took on board my previous thoughts about how I should improve the image and applied them with a few extra twists.  I added several more tree styles, fishing rod set up, more clouds and different sky setup. I think that the image is greatly improved because of this and gives  the viewer a more natural and late evening feel to it. This works better because its more emotive to the audience.

I think that to finally improve the image I just need to add a final few tweaks to it possibly a selection of lighting situations or seasonal images to create a set or collection.


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