kinetic typography Final

Since the last post on kinetic typography I have been developing the animation dramatically.  I found with my first attempt that the words and sentences were too small and didn’t have a powerful enough effect on the viewer. Secondly I found that they only slid or faded-in that could have easily been done in powerpoint. I felt that this was not only letting the work down but myself as well because I already have a good knowledge of animation and this was not of a good enough standard.

After deliberating about how to improve, I went away to learn some new techniques in Adobe After Effects so I could make the animation in a lot more detail. I found that compared to Adobe Flash shapes After Effects modifies using filters, sizes and positions. These are all things that can be specified unlike in Flash where animation is generally free flowing and not as detailed.  This therefore meant a whole new set of skills was required to animate shapes and create the desired effects. I got to grips with this reasonably quickly finding out that the program consisted of a mixture of other Adobe product tools together.

To improve the animation from the previous piece I re-made all the words individually so they can be manipulated in there own way unlike before when there was sentences. I added lots of different fades, movements and effects and positioned the text more creatively to give better aesthetic and creative layout. To improve I would like to have added different font type for each person who is speaking however, this would have take a long time to keep changing fonts and I felt time could be better spent on other aspects at the time.

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