kinetic typography

kinetic typography is a new area of animation for me. I have seen animation on typography before but, never seen it animated to a track of someone speaking/singing. I found several different types of kinetic typography which have a range of uses and desired outcomes. It is quite possible that there is more complex ways and techniques to produce types of kinetic typography however generally they are computer produced.

From reading around the subject, the chosen program from many animators is Adobe After Effects because of the ability to produce text within it and bring you own vector typography in from program’s such as Adobe Illustrator or other vector graphic programs. This makes the program very flexible and makes the animation easier to produce also using vector graphics means they are infinitely scaleable.

First of all I needed was a emotive soundtrack that had meaning and purpose. This came in the form of the trailer from gravity which has a range of emotions, feelings and volume levels. I have used this track because its got lots of speech as well. Next I used illustrator to produce the type for around 15 seconds of animation using different types, sizes and fonts. Next I imported into After Effects keeping them on separate layers so each one can be individually animated. After Effects being new to me took some time to figure out how to make different animations work like change of opacity, transform and rotation.

Below is the animation I produced

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