John Maeda (Digital Media Designer)

John Maeda is one of few designers who describes himself as a “Digital Media Designer” which is surprising in a time period where the digital is becoming apart of peoples lives from when they get up to going to bed. His career starting in computer programing has allowed him to develop skills to develop some experimental computer programs before progressing his career into a more art-influenced sector. His later work has been influenced by his time spent at Art School. This influenced his work to focus work on the ideas of simplicity and why in modern design simplicity is a key feature.

His ideas of simplicity surround the difference between complexity and simplicity and what we as modern humans like complex situations but design extremely simple interfaces, building and lifestyles. What he is trying to say is that humans and complexity are intertwined.

Secondly he develops later in his career he starts to experiment with different forms of to computers, food and information data to turn into art. This could be because he see the these things in a different light to others around him. This is why people are interested in his work not because of the work is good but, because its made by John Maeda making the work generally different and that much more interesting.

From this I think that Maeda main interests are in differences and the idea that a simple object or thing can have a hugely complex creation but a something complex can be extremely simple to use, embrace or engage with.

John Maeda

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