Proposal Interactive Media Concept Idea

This installation project I have been working on has developed substantial since my initial idea. In this I was considering “An interactive piece which involves audio illustrated with simplistic graphics looking at the idea of tactility, mood and audio representation.” This was based upon some inspiration from a processing sketch which use Minim and an animation which used simple repetitive graphics to represent audio. I wanted to take this and develop a similar graphical representation, which had user interaction.

Media concept

At the point of my initial idea the media concept for my installation was based around the idea of embodiment and music as I was planning to go forward and look at interactive media features including modes of interaction that could be taken into processing. I felt at this point my media concept was left quite broad as it allowed me explore interaction first before giving my final media concept a specific focus. When doing this it was brought to my attention about a possible exploration of “relationship between musical experience (mind) and sound energy (matter)”. This put forward a link with a possible relationship between music and mind that I was interested to explore

From this point where I was looking at graphical interfaces and there effect on audiences I started to look at theory’s which connected Music, Colour & Emotions which lead me in the direction of Time & Mood. These theories’ all related to the initial idea of embodiment mainly focusing on physical outputs that could have an impact upon viewing/interacting audience or person.


  1. My plan was to continue to explore interaction with processing in mind. Here i came across reacTIVsion a local API, which used the camera and shapes as a way to interact, track and react to movement around a space. This I felt at the time was a way in which i could get audiences to interact with the music or graphics.
  2. On a visit to the science museum I was specifically looking for different way in which people can interact with media artefacts. I summarized that the simplest and most nostalgic and simple forms of interactive provided the most enjoyment. Compared to touchscreens, which we as consumers have become accustomed to because of their integration into daily life.
  3. Exploring Minim further was going to be critical to the success of the installation as my chosen direction was visual display and music related. I initial started by looking at some of the more simple features of Minim like BeatListner. From exploring this I found it was useful to a certain degree but for more complex music analysis it didn’t suffice because of it limited flexibility. A more versatile method I found was LogAverages that would allow me too more dynamically analyse audio files.

The Developed Idea

From this exploration with Minim, music/mood theory’s and interaction a defined idea and direction needs to stated.

The idea is to create a music player & visualizer, which reacts to the mood of the audience & time of day. Additional features like weather and seasonal influences could be added with some development. The mood of the audiences will be defined by a series of cards, which the audience can use to select what kind of mood they are in. The music will be selected to try and improve moods or stabilize happy moods.

Key Features of Idea

  • Visualizer using abstract design (further exploration required)
  • Minim audio analysis to manipulate visual elements
  • Mood selection using ReacTIVsion

What’s Next?

Moving forward I need work on how all these different section link up and work together, as there are lots of separate elements that could conflict with each other. I feel that greater exploration needs to put into the visual elements of both the screen graphics and the mood cards.

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