Individual Weighting Factor

This project will be assessment on 2 factors. The application and written elements on the blog will be a group covered mark where each member will receive the same mark. A second mark designed to differentiate members within group will be added to the group mark. In previous projects this has been done through a CASPAR system where members got to mark each other member in private. This cause a lot of problems as some people did not submit there evaluations of other members of the group.

Individual weighting factor could be considered a far more specific and tailored way for each group to designate/assigned weighting factors to each element or individuals contribution to the project. “A modified pool allocated to a fixed pool of marks or points. This allow the students to allocate marks freely and then calculate an individual weighting factor based on the ratio between the individual score and the average score for all members of the group.”  (Conway et al, 1993). This is applied to a predefined group assessment criteria which can be outset by the assessor or in our case the group itself.

We have set out a set of 4 criteria’s for the individual weighting factors in which each factor was possible to fully meet by all members. We felt that basing them on aspects of the applications development and the project itself allowed all members, no matter designer, developer or manager could have had involvement in each

Individual weighting factors

1. Attendance and contribution to discussion (group meeting)
2. Meeting responsibilities and keeping to workflow (trello)
3. Blog performance (the BLOG)
4. Production Process (app Production design and development)

Attendance and contribution to discussion (group meeting) – this allowed us to focus on general project contributions like attending outset meeting, expressing opinions and thoughts at the meeting and being able to articulate one’s self to the group discussions. We felt this was necessary as in group projects members sometimes can hide away and this could push these individual forward to express themselves more if they know their grade will depend on it.

Meeting responsibilities and keeping to workflow (trello) – Trello is a project management system we are using to deal with projects work flow and which is discussed in a previous post “Scrum & Sprint Boards” how the group are using this.  For this assessment factor we felt that it should be considered how members engaged with this and the effect it had upon the group.

Blog performance – Considering the writing factor of the blog is key to the project as it’s the main product for assessment to final mark of the project. We need to not only look at the amount of writing but the quality of it as well and if it helped towards the development of the application and project.

Production Process – the production process will look at the application development in terms of designing, swift development and content production.

As a group we feel that the individual weighting factor is an effective way to assess members within the group fairly distributing them evenly depending on the participation and contribution towards the project. When the project we can give a conclusive summary of how effective it was.

Mick Healey “Developing Student Capability Using Peer and Self Assessment: A Preliminary Evaluation of The Distribution of a Pool of Marks Technique for Assessing The Contribution of Individuals to a Group Project”, Using Assessment to Develop Capability conference, 1993. 1

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