Hardware Malfunctions/Development

Hardware Malfunctions are something that can occurs during setting up of an installation normally due to technology. These malfunction are something that a designer has to deal with quickly and effectively so solve the situation or problem. Currently the design of the Visualizers elements for the ambient audio installation has been based around the use of a 2500 x 400 display. The key creative feature of its shape was being utilized within the design and lots of elements were designed around the use of the screen.

Unfortunately the screen is currently out of order due to a technological fault and will not be functional for use. This is going to effect the design of the visualizer as now a normal 1280 x 720 screen has to be used.

The 2500 x 400 (left) vs. 1280 x 720 (right)



This effects the design, just by changing the size of the canvas you can see what happens to some of the elements.

Before …

1500:400After ..


The design of the elements when the canvas is made higher doesn’t take advantage of the whole screen. Secondly the key features of the frequency bar was designed perfectly for this type of screen however now it doesn’t make such an impact upon the design and its purpose is slightly lost. Lastly the grouping of the elements is spread further apart making these seem singular and unconnected. This in terms of gestalt proves that the application of the principles clearly worked well within the original design. The principle of proximity is less applicable now and its effectiveness is felt by the lack of organisation.

Going forward I have looked at options of development as the current design needs some work o re thinking now its been compromised. A possible path for development is that of a more information based design which could include the use of a scale and/or, maybe some elements from more delicate in design.


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