Handover & Submission

Preparation for handing over any digital project is key to reduce problems that can occur with the exchanging of information. Key to this handing over process is documentation of work and assets that coincide with the project. This documentation comes in the form of universally readable text files .md which can be read by any PC, Mac or Linux allowing any such persons to understand the project.

The first thing for us to do was create a directory which would house all the files needed for the project. We were asked to complete it as if we were giving the client, or someone else the folder and then and then disappearing. We had to ask ourselves, did we include everything they need for them to use it or continue it? Would the know where everything was? What software would they need? What versions would this software be?  These are just a few examples of the things we needed to consider for this directory.

Readme’s in plain text files:

  • Description of the files within the folder/directory
  • all versions of software that the files were made in creating asseste/files
  • locations of folders connected to folder/directory
  • licences for files within folder/directory

In addition to this the project files must contain:

  • all folders must have a readme
  • include all files even huge ones
  • Copywrite on readme.md

Writing read.me files for a universal accessibility means they need to be wrote in a ubiquitous language. This is know as markdown, a simple text format that can be understood and converted by a larger range of diverse to be read comfortably. This is essential as at any point someone could need to look at the documentation for the application meaning that it should be readable at any time readily available.

  • Readme.md – Markdown version to create a read me which then can be converted into a nice version of ms, pdf, plain text, html.
  • directory for documentation (screenshots and stuff relates but isn’t part of the app)


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