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In preparation for the hand of the graduate project on the 2nd June in I have produced a final test of both installation. The Exhibition is the 16th June meaning there is lots of preparation time for setting up the installations within the space for the show. As prof that the installations are complete and ready, these videos and images show them working in a test conditions. Both installations are part of a single immersive installation where visuals and audio is designed to immerse the audience within a digital experience engaging a range of senses.

Tree Jar

Tree Jar is a projection installation mapped upon a Jar, background and ventilation mask, displaying real world data flows across the surfaces.




Floor Projection

Floor Projections is the immersive larger projection mapped floor. Real world data visualisation are projected upon a rubber chipping floor surface and designed for an audience to pass across the textured tactile surface.



Graphics for both pieces have been developed and build using Processing through live data flows from uk and global data reading of pollution, gas, electric, fuel consumption and geological data . This video below is a combination of all the elements which will be used within the installations. Some of the visual elements will be rendered out prior to the exhibition however some will be played using Processing, Resolume and syphon because of the large nature of the data source . This was selected as an option because the changeable data and great variation it provides.



Sound is a key part in the immersive installation and the sense of sound is vital to creating a environmental dissipation or re interpretation. The sound has been designed specifically to combine both installation together in a unified piece. The use off digital manipulated sound clips was composed into a shot looping clip which will be played throughout the exhibition.



This is some images of the final products which have been made for the installations.

  • Tree in Jar – Using a 5l Jar and a topsi tree I place a miniature fake tree into a large glass jar.
  • Jar connector – Hat piece for the jar with the tree inside to connect with the mask tube.
  • Mask Stand – To hold the mask as part of the installation.

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