Flash Animation

Recently We have been asked to add to our portfolio of work by creating some Adobe Flash animations. Having a vast amount of previous experience in Flash I wanted to challenge myself. My idea was to make a sound related piece which was quite comical and funny.

After seeing this video about a bird singing dubstep “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGhVXgMoz4g” I want to use my new skills in making music tracks to add some background beats and mix it up. I could then take it into a animation of some birds singing it. This looked good because it could be understood as things that animals do when humans aren’t around.

I think the final result is aesthetically pleasing and portrays exactly what I wanted. One improvement I would make is blurring the background slightly to give it more depth of field. If i was to improve this further i could make the birds slightly different from each other and have their own characteristics.

Bird Song

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