Final Tutor Discussion

Coming into the final weeks of the project many aspects of the project have been tested and developed through a series of different mock designs. Throughout the project I have discussed many of the ideas with David Garcia, my support lecture where a process of critic has been used do develop a consistent and free flowing artistic piece.

In my final discussion with David some issues arose with the installations proposed in my previous post due to some minor aspects. The point which was raised linking to the key concepts and maintaining theses throughout both pieces. It was suggested that some aspects of the development have been leading away from the idea of the jar, containment and fragility of the earth. The manikin was a part which was added as it provided an interesting surface to project upon however was another addition what was not consistent of the themes being discussed in the installation. Returning the mask to a similar state as the floor projecting by leaving it to the audience as a point of possible interaction, further linked the 2 installations together through the ability to perceive, respond and interact tacitly.

After some recent testing the use of a background screen has been introduced as the producing images for the audience to see has been more successful and clearer. This was a result of testing the distance of the projector from the jar that found the further the distance the weaker the image become. To account for this in this unknown in the exhibition using a background provides a more stable and assured surface to project upon.

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