How Design Was Influenced By Objectives

Objectives set out by the Client

Objective 1:

Application needs to display their high-resolution image of the Magna Carta Document.


Our application was ultimately build around the high-Resolution image the client provided. Prior to receiving the required image from the client we were able to produce an initial prototype from another image of the Magna Carta which enabled us to establish whether the vision of the client was indeed feasible or not. One of the major issues associated with using the raw high-resolution Magna Carta image is the file-size, one of the problems associated with having a considerably large image is lag which hinders the overall functionality of the app particularly when loading  and navigating the app. This objective also influenced us to implement navigational gestures such as zoom-in and zoom-out as users with larger fingers may of found it difficult to select specific clause hot-spot if the image was fixed especially as they are so close together.


Objective 2:

The application must provide Latin-to-English translation for at least a number of clauses.


A significant section of the screen space on the application was allocated to the clause translation text and utilized the QuaySans font expressed in the client’s style guide. This particular section uses an opaque background which prevents the translation text from blending into the High-Resolution image which would of hindered the visual clarity of the translation text. There is still a large section of the Magna-Carta document unobstructed enabling the user to still select clause hotspots. We were able to translate all 63 of the clauses from Latin into English by the deadline and it’s possible that the clauses could be translated into other languages in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 15.43.36Objective 3:

The application must appeal to a wide-audience (Young + Older).


The way in which we ensured that the application was visually appealing to all audiences and functioned intuitive was to keep to both the Apple and client style guides. By utilizing generic touch gestures and design elements it reduced the risk of cognitive-friction which may of been present if we attempted to implement complex means of navigation. By following the style guide set by the client it will ensure that our app appears connected to the parent application therefore ensuring a smooth visual transition between the two .

Colour Guide

Objective 4

The client asked for miscellaneous elements of the Magna Carta Document be highlighted and have hot-spots.


This was an objective set by the client quite late in the development of the project which resulted in use needing to produce additional logos for the filter menu as well add additional hotspots to the outside of the document. The client continued to ask for additional hot-spot elements to be added up to 2 days before the deadline.

Random hotspots

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