Data Projection Graphics

The graphics for the data projections as part of my graduate project have been developed and produced through the use of data sheets and live data feeds.

The style in which has been chosen to present the information is distinguished by the material that is intended to be projected upon. Through testing it was proven that the best response in terms of visual graphics upon the black rubber uneven surface was white 2d imagery because of it reflection spread across each individual piece. Colours were a problem as depth in images causes parts to be unseen and difficult to distinguish meaning keeping the imagery simple resulted in a more visually visible type and motion .

At this point there is 5 different data sources contribution to the data flow all coming from different data forms:

  • UK Fuel Prices (CVS)
  • UK gas consumption (CVS)
  • UK electric consumption CVS)
  • London location air pollution levels (JSON)
  • Global Systemic data (XML)

In this video each sketch has been screen captured however within the exhibition a syphon server will be used within some of the data flows to live generate the graphics. This throws some problems as within this video a technique within after effects has been used to remove the background from the Processing sketches. However, when running them live they will have a black background meaning a work around will have to found to remove this when live.

These graphics will be fed into a projection mapping software that then will be mapped upon the necessary surfaces. I hope to be able to use to use a a network syphon to send the graphics to a Raspberry Pi via a local network as discussed in a previous post.

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