Dani Lecture


Dani Ploeger = Red                    Ashley Wilkie = Black

Introduces with 2 adverts from computer company’s

  1. video shows how a pc is small and cleans up you life and desk
  2. video for the mac pro. The machine is shown to be so powerful it blows a hole in the house.

Different computer adverts all use superpowers as a driving for bringing human’s greater power. They are using the idea that having these products improves their entire life.

Dust and dirt is discarded in both and play is promoted.

These products solve problems and tidy your life however they actually store and hoard dust. From dismantling them Danni now understood that these products that the company’s are suggesting are more compact and powerful and hoarding matter such as dust. They seem clean and tidy on the outside however inside it’s a different situation.

Dust Morality

Dust pc processing performance. He discusses the idea that the dust in many cases ends up destroying the pc as it disrupts the electronics.

Dust Associated with loss of control and hygiene

Dust and dirt is matter out of place!! Example: Dirt in a kitchen is fine but, in a bed its out of place. 1960 consumer culture. A fundamental part of the 1960 consumer culture was ideas surrounding the presentation of the home and household.

Dirt is associated with policing of moral order and taking care of the space we live.

He considers that in different countries people have a different culture of understanding from our protestant drive need for efficiency. Discussing that when he went to get the iPads wrapped that everything was dirty, slow and quite unreliable.

The waste tends to disrupt and disturb a clean consumer environment.

PC’s are cut up into small pieces and the residue is grey and nothing can be done with it. Danni visited a plant in Kent where this process takes place

iPad Installation

– The installation is allowing a singular purpose of touching, not allowing any kind of virtual interaction. This means the complex functionality is reduced to a singular one. The only functionally left is the ability to charge it meaning the function is reduced to one main key element.

E-Waste Projects

Danni Suggests that a cyborg is related to a feedback loop and can only be a cyborg is the cybernetic loop needs to be complete. Here is he discussing his work on cyborg saying that a loop of connectivity needs to be present to assure that one is a cyborg unlike the people who I just implanted a chip in themselves and say they are a cyborg

Existing within consumer culture is the main sin within our culture

Dani considers the culture are so different in the foreign dumping sites and because they are living such different lives why would they follow western suggestions if they don’t benefit from them. This is mainly due to the fact they are living from day to day trying to survive and using all our more complex methods of extracting the metal will cost them time and money which they don’t have.


From Dani’s lecture I have learnt a lot about the cultural issues surrounding many concepts related to my project. His discussion about dust and the relationships we have with in cultural context dirt was a very interesting viewpoint and something that I hadn’t considered myself before. It was good to get his view on e-waste as he had personally visited waste sites in 3rd world country where considerable portions of developing country’s and western waste are sent. This changed my personal view upon e-waste itself, I felt that creating awareness of the waste being produced would make people more aware to encourage people to think about waste and what they do with it. However as Dani suggested the issue is with our consumer driven environment where we are forced into a materialistic culture on constant acquiring and discarding of material.

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