Close up Media

As discussed in a previous post the immersive installation is going to contain and reflect aspects of human characteristics including visual imagery. Some initial experimentation was made into testing some close up shots of eyes regarding this. It’s felt that the eyes could convey a striking and emotive imagery capturing the audience’s attention through a personal and scary connection. The success of this has inspired an extra experimentation into additional features such as mouths.

Mouths are far more interesting than eyes as they contain more defining characterises and can convey time, language including many aspects of ones identity. Additionally they are far more difficult to manipulate in camera as the performer will move more than capturing an eye. I think mouths could be particularly interesting as I can indirectly send messages to audiences through the shape and manipulation of the lips. Words and emotions are also easily recognizable that could directly tie each device together. They also contrast the subtleness of the eyes with a more expressive and emotive expression

Below are some of the eyes and mouths, which were filmed, edited and used within the project. With each piece a series of digital manipulations was require in order to presents them in a linear form. Stabilising each video, editing the video, masking each frame and compiling them together.