Cinema 4D: Getting to Grip

Recently I have been working on bringing my knowledge of 3D animation from Blender to Cinema 4D. This is due to my recent understanding and career pathways that have brought to light the need to know a more renown and industry standard program. Cinema 4D can provide so much more for 3D designers as it can be combined with programs such as AfterEffect with hundreds of different plugins within them. This provides far greater complexity that the limited expansion of Blender and would be a case of re applying my knowledge.

First of all I have been working on something that I know well within blender, a sound equalizer.  Blender (Previous Work)


This is what I have made in cinema learning several techniques about positioning and array connection to input data. I think cinema produces a far better image quality, even the lighting seems to be improved easily and with simple changes. Going forward i would like to apply this to a more complex design making an intricate design.

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