Channel Website 2

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When navigation through the site we wanted it to be obvious what section you’re in. We have done this by putting the section that you have navigated to at the top and the others collected at the bottom. However on the homepage they are evenly distributed showing you can go where ever you want

Secondly when you’re on the homepage is states in the central orb “Orbit” this shows your on the home page. When You navigate to a different section it gives the option “More” This is because you have navigated away from the central Orb showing you not on the home page anymore.

Some other additions to the site was changing the background style of the sections to differ on each page to show a clear difference in content and location.

Also Added the glowing background to the sections to look like they are being projected out . To do this I have to use a need CSS3 tag of        background: radial-gradient(transparent 35%, #0081d7 90%);   This produces a radial gradient with the center transparent and the transparent and the outer edge fo to 90% transparency of the colour selected. 

Going on I want to start adding content  to the site. At the moment we haven’t decided quite how we want this to appear on there like simply written with a colour contrast to the background or in a shape or similar. This will lead on to developing the site for mobile devices using Media Queries.

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